All the services are provided in accordance to international management standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 3834:2007

PRR ENERGOREM takes care of its workers health and safety and respects the environment.

Authorization no. UC-08-31-N/2-07 issued by the Office of Technical Inspection allows the Company to do all the works listed in the Offer section, such as: repairing turbines, generators, boilers or fans, turning, milling, chiseling, reinforcing foundations, insulating etc.

Welding supervision personnel owns the International Welding Technologist certificate.

Company welders have all of the required certificates according to PN-EN 287-1 issued by UDT-CERT in welding types as follows: MMA, MIG, MAG, TIG - PN-EN ISO 4063 and their ASME equivalents. They also possess qualifications required by mining plants extracting minerals through drilling holes

Company's personnel is certified to perform VT and PT test on welds and machine parts according to PN-EN 473, issued by Ośrodek Certyfikacji Instytutu Spawalnictwa (Certification Welding Institute) in Gliwice.

Construction works supervision is conducted by employees with the Civil Engineer title.

Personnel performing surveillance and operational works has the qualifications required for the operation and maintenance of technical equipment, installations and networks. Supervisors specialize in technical and mechanical aspect of operation supervision and own the qualifications required by mining plants extracting oil and gases through drilling holes, issued by Okręgowy Urząd Górniczy (District Mining Office) in Poznań.

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